It’s the season to be merry…

and joyful, as well as busy, worried, and covered in flour from last-minute Christmas preparations, such as preparing countless mince pies, shortbread cookies, and gingerbread! With all of the commotion, you’re undoubtedly wondering, “How do people prepare for Christmas?”

With a rush of festive guests on the way, we’ve compiled a list of useful Christmas preparation tips and advice to ensure you stay stress-free and your guests have the best time possible.


There’s no room at the inn? Nonsense. If you’re wondering how to prepare for Christmas in a smaller property, consider bringing in a sofa bed or a blow-up mattress for a season of festivities and a house full of guests. Ensure that your guests have a good night’s sleep with our very cute and cozy bedding sets, which are made of organic cotton and include delightful animal motifs.


‘They’ll bring good tidings,’ but if you have folks staying over, that’s not all they’ll bring. What about all the bags, heavy coats, and (hopefully) Christmas gifts? You won’t have to panic as box after box is delivered from a seemingly bottomless boot if you make space now, and it’s especially beneficial when hosting Christmas in a small house. This is also an excellent opportunity to clean out your closet and drawers in preparation for the new items you may receive this year.


Merino or Mulled wine, biscuits, pies, sandwiches…whatever your festive fancy requires. Prepare for Christmas snacks and drinks by going to the grocery. If your guests have traveled a long way, the prospect of eating a few sweet treats upon their arrival will have kept them going. Check that your Christmas baking ideas have been tried and tested. The last thing we want is for guests to be dissatisfied when they arrive. Mulled wine is a terrific option for adults because the aroma will fill the house with a warming and pleasant aroma- and, of course, will soon get everyone in the festive spirit. A hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, as well as their favorite Christmas sweets, are sure to spread the holiday cheer. Make sure you have plenty of festive drinkware!


So, how do you prepare your home for the holiday season?

Send your gang on a walk (or enlist their assistance if you choose), put on some Bing Crosby, and start cleaning up your tiny dwelling. Polishing the surfaces and furnishings shouldn’t take long if you’ve been on top of things. Cleaning the bathroom and toilets can be time-consuming, but the results can be wonderful when they are dazzling and shining. Then, while the music may block out Bing, vacuuming will ensure that no annoying pine needles get entangled in your guests’ socks. Add some festive sparkle to the dinner table with Joules Christmas table decorations from our Christmas cooking & dining collection. Or some new pillows to spruce up your sofas.

5. Stock up on paper towels and toilet paper.

Leave towels on the bed in the room where your guests are staying… some freshly washed towels that they will be able to use throughout their stay. Leave a few products out as well—a it’s nice touch and a perfect way to get rid of any shower gels or body washes you’ve never used. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you could always buy some new ones for your guest…


People flock to the kitchen for any reason. Make sure the necessities are easily accessible—milk, tea, and coffee. And the things you just want to have fun with are neatly hidden. We’re not channeling our inner Ebenezer, but that pricey bottle of whisky would be wasted on an obnoxious uncle. It’s also a great time to update your kitchen with some festive decor. You never know, a Christmas tea towel can even inspire people to pitch in and help with the drying. We guarantee that our Joules Friends have the best kitchen accessories to make you and your kitchen look incredible.


Did your Christmas guests make your naughty or lovely list? Depending on how much you appreciate your visitor, you could surprise them with early Christmas gifts to enjoy during their stay. Cheap Christmas gifts with long-term usage are typically appreciated in order to avoid breaking the budget. A pair of fluffy socks, in our opinion, is ideal. They make excellent Christmas table gifts. They’re warm, colorful, and Christmassy, and they’re ideal for wearing about the house—especially after a wintery walk. And speaking of which…


Get out old board games, OS maps, and some unique Christmas party games, and select a few festive movies that everyone can enjoy. These are the must-haves for Christmas entertaining. Nothing is worse than being asked, ‘What shall we do today?’ and by preparing for Christmas, you will never be asked.